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Welcome to my 14th BIGBANG Giveaway!  (ノ ̄ー ̄)ノ

In honor of Daesung’s Japanese debut, this is a Daesung themed Giveaway! ♪ヽ( ⌒o⌒)人(⌒-⌒ )v ♪

Complete information on the items included can be found here: Giveaway Items 

The giveaway starts Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 9:30AM, Pacific (US) and ends Saturday, March 23, 2013 at 8AM, Pacific (US). 

Complete Giveaway rules can be found here: Giveaway Rules


There will be ONE WINNER selected to receive ALL of the items. 

I am happy to ship Worldwide! 。◕‿◕。 (If you are a minor, please obtain permission from your Parents or Legal Guardian before giving out your full name and address. Any duties and customs fees are the responsibility of the Winner)

To participate in my Giveaway, you must reblog this post. (Please reblog the post ONLY ONE TIME.)  You are free to like the post in addition to reblogging it. (This will give you another entry into the Giveaway.) If you have a second blog you can reblog it there too, but that blog cannot be a Giveaway / Spam blog. The idea of reblogging it is to get the word out so more people can participate. You don’t have to reblog the post directly from me, you reblog it from anyone. You don’t have to follow me. Please honor these rules or you will be disqualified from the giveaway.


  1. D’scover - CD Version - (I’m waiting to this to arrive in the mail. I have pre-ordered it.)
  2. Still Alive Special Edition CD - Daesung Version - 1st Press w/YG Card. - (I’m waiting to this to arrive in the mail too.)
  3. Shouting Musical - Program  
  4. Still Alive Special Edition Promotional Postcard Set 
  5. Alive Tour- Japanese Special Final in Dome - Daesung Voice Keychain
  6. Alive Tour- Japanese Special Final in Dome - Gummy with Daesung Card
  7. BIGBANG is V.I.P Ring  - fanmade
  8. Daesung Bracelet - fanmade
  9. Still Alive Special Edition Promotional Mini Sign/Stand
  10. Alive Promotional Mini Sign/Stand
  11. Alive Tour- Japanese Special Final in Dome - VIP Japan promotional vinyl pouch
  12. Daesung Collection Cards 009, 034, 054, 059, 064, 069, 074, 079, 084, 089, & 099  
  13. Alive Tour Korean - Stickers

I hope you like the items in my 14th BIGBANG Giveaway and if you choose to participate, Good Luck!!


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How my little 9 yr old brother tackled Logarithms XD~
While driving home from the mall&#8230;My friend Kieu &#8220;accidentally&#8221; drove on the wrong side of the street because there were so many curves and stuff she went into the entering lane instead of using the exit lane! So we were in a tight situation cause there were like 10 cars waiting for us to backup to get into the right lane -3- (because between the two lane there is a mall sign that separates the two lanes. My friend also didn&#8217;t see the arrows pointing in and out of the mall). As she started backing up slowly a man in a very nice outfit I should say came out and helped us backup safely~ (while the whole crowd of cars continuously honking :|, ) in the end we went back onto the right lane thanks to him ^__^! While we were driving correctly I drew Hyunseung because my friend was a &#8220;~trouble maker&#8221;~ lol that experience was a nice way to start a new year -3-;;(Drawing in the car gives me nausea o_o)

S O U R C E 
This is what happened while i waited for my math exam B)



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One of my favorite singer &lt;3 she&#8217;s amazing~


These are amazing. Brings so much life to these characters

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Excited! eue;;

Just picked up a copy of Zelda Skyward~ p3p must wait until SAT is over, psssssh.

Good luck to those who take SAT as well~